“Fegites” Rose Dry Wine P.G.I. Drama – Grenache Rouge / Cabernet Sauvignon – OenoGenesis 750ml


Grenache Rouge / Cabernet Sauvignon

Grenache Rouge is a variety with medium acidity, but excellent fruity taste and aromatic intensity. Grapes are harvested in early September because this variety loves heat and can tolerate dry weather, with Cabernet Sauvignon, this dynamic variety, following suit. After the grape selection belt, grapes are channeled into vats and go through a cold soak process at 2°C for 18 hours. Then the saignée method is applied to the wine production process and alcoholic fermentation takes place at a stable and controlled temperature of 14°C.

Fegites Rosé is a spicy and different rosé wine, which stands out amongst most wines belonging to this category. With a light salmon pink color and purple reflections, it has a nose of intense rose aromas with wild flower notes, a mouth with fine acidity and an aftertaste of white-fleshed peach. Fegites Rosé Label will certainly satisfy wine lovers and give them the opportunity to taste an original and very special wine. Its blend and style stirs the interest and awakens the senses, promising many new and interesting wine experiences.

Served at 8-10°C. Pairs well with red sauce pasta, charcoal-grilled fish and poultry.

Package : 750 ml. Bottle

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