Company update about Coronavirus

At Greek Deli, the quality and health attributes of our products as well as our customers satisfaction and health are a priority. At these difficult times for us all, the well being of our partners, staff, suppliers and customers is our main concern to us at the moment.

As a company has enforced strict health and safety measures – following the recommendations of the health authorities – in regards to how we clean, maintain and manage all our goods.

Due to the outbreak, we have also had an extraordinarily high volume of orders which we are now focusing on delivering to our customers safely and with minimal disruption. Our suppliers and delivery partners are also facing similar issues and are doing their utmost to ensure our service is not disrupted.

We would also like to inform you that our supply chain, also operates as usual and we have continuous supplies imported from Greece to accommodate all our customers’ orders.

Stay Home & Healthy we deliver your Greek delicacies to your door.